The  coordinator  of  the  GREENLIGHTPLUS  project  is  deeply  committed  to  achieving  the  defined  specific objectives with a high rate of success; and will guarantee the overall coordination of the programme of activities, ensuring its global consistency and schedule for the 12  months

GREENLIGHTPLUS Common Agricultural Policy CAP (PAC in Portuguese)

CAP has been and will endure as a key instrument of integration and consolidation of the EU economic and social model. The project “GREENLIGHTPLUS – CAP Supporting Portuguese Agriculture & Rural Development”, led by INOVA+ and supported by a Cooperating Network intends to enlighten about CAP and play a key role in the agricultural panorama in the EU and particularly in Portugal by informing, clarifying misperceptions and encouraging different target groups (public at general – specially young people -, school children and teachers, university students and farmers and other parties active in rural areas) to discover and/or rediscover farming and agriculture.

Holistic approach

GreenlightPlus is based on a holistic approach, directly linked to building trust in the EU and among all citizens, including farmers and non-farmers

GreenlightPlus Purpose

Inform and clarify the role of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its benefits at different levels, encouraging different audiences to know more and to reinforce their trust in the policy and its instruments. Illustrate the CAP’s contribution to the implementation of the European Commission’s political priorities and strategies.

Methodology: The GreenlightPlus project, based on a holistic approach, uses the metaphor of the agricultural cycle to organize the activities that take place in the 12-month period, starting on August 1, 2022.
Seeding – Irrigation – Growing – Harvesting”


Management, coordination and monitoring.
  • Consolidate and expand a support network of key players and actors
  • Implement a robust management structure to ensure success and achievement of results and continuous improvement of the performance


  • Make the CAP and its important contributions known by providing stakeholders with relevant information
  • Organize media and digital campaigns that reinforce the role of CAP in the daily lives of citizens and the realization of priorities related to a sustainable future


Events’ PAC(K) to build trust through participatory activities
  • Reach and inform stakeholders in events promoted at the national and regional level, raising awareness of the role of the CAP, illustrating contributions and encouraging joint learning
  • Engage students and teachers in activities that promote learning from different CAP priorities and achievements, connecting with educational programs
  • Build knowledge among professors and university students with new approaches to stimulate innovation with design thinking methodologies to real challenges linked to the CAP
  • Inform and clarify farmers and rural actors about the CAP, good practices and the role that the policy plays in creating opportunities for trust and active participation and addressing key challenges


Impact assessment and scaling-up
  • Foster mutual learning of practices and involve stakeholders
  • Spread the seeds of sustainability by promoting project results for ongoing dialogue on CAP


GREENLIGHTPLUS uses a holistic approach to the CAP ecosystem addressing (with different and tailor-made activities, materials and channels) the various target-groups, with the general aim of contributing to building trust within the EU and among all citizens, farmers and non-farmers alike. Using a collaborative methodology, and together with cooperating bodies, the project coordinator will ensure the full outreach and extended engagement of key target-groups and stakeholders including:

  • Citizens, families and young people;
  • School children and teachers;
  • University Students;
  • Farmers and other parties active in rural areas.
Through a participatory approach, GREENLIGHTPLUS calls for the active involvement of these targets in the project activities, challenging them to question their current perceptions, creating awareness for the CAP opportunities and related facts and information, and encouraging learning processes based on new methodologies (including hands-on workshops that apply STEM and citizen-science to edutainment contents linked to CAP, design thinking and problem-based learning, among others).

The effective implementation of these activities and the consequent success of our project will undoubtedly translate into new opportunities in the future, and will also contribute to combating disinformation about CAP, demonstrating how it helps to support the agriculture and rural development, and how it benefits different dimensions (including economic, social and environmental).

The GreenlightPlus continues the efforts of the Greenlight project to inform about the relevance of the European Union’s support to agriculture and rural development. The project emphasises the contribution of CAP to meet the Green Deal objectives and support the innovation, competitiveness, and generational renewal of the sector.

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